Long Hair – We all Care

Many have asked how I’ve grown my pixie to long, noon length hair (as I call it) it’s simple.

Step 1 – Don’t wash you hair. No seriously. I wash my hair twice a week, on a good week. Once on a regular, mom, wife, realtor, 50 phone calls a day week. Let your hair be. A lot of people say, “my hair is greasy, I can’t do that.”. It takes time to get used too. Your body gives off natural oils that are good for you! This goes for your scalp.

Step 2- Good Products! I use 3 minute miracle by Aussie as condition, no matter what shampoo I am using. It’s inexpensive and so good! Mid shaft to ends ONLY! Also, get good shampoo. If you don’t spend a lot on condition, splurge on good shampoo. Since I only wash 1-2 times a week I use a good shampoo (Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, personal favorite). It’s good for my scalp and gets all the nasty out!

Step 3 – It’s a 10 Leave In Conditioner. Don’t ask questions, just buy it and use it.

Step 4 – VITAMINS! Lately, well the last 9 months, I have been on prenatals, because we have been trying to get pregnant. However before that I just take a multivitamin each day. If you want an extra boost, take Biotin.

Step 5 and LAST! – Get REGULAR trims. If you have a good stylist they will give you a trim, not a chop. I have heard so many say, “I’m not going to my hair dresser, she always cuts too much.”. Well they are either scissor happy or your hair is that dead that it had to go! I go about every 4-6ish months and she usually takes about an inch off. Keep your hair healthy so it can grow RIGHT!

Growing your hair is really easy! Just follow these steps and be patient!

No Makeup-Makeup

Y’all! So easy. This will be the shortest post ever.

Step 1- clean your face, obviously. Moisturize. I have been using Ponds Anti-Wrinkle. AHHHMAZING.

Step 2- Damp Beauty Blender. Concealer. I have been using Kat Von D Cream Concealer. Make sure it is BARELY lighter than your natural skin tone. Under eyes, bridge of nose, on chin and forehead. Blend.

Step 3- Highlighter. theBalm- Mary Louminizer. Duh. Cheek bones, bridge of nose, chin, forehead, upper lip and lids. Go nuts!

Step 4- Setting Spray. KAT Von D.

FINISH with your fave gloss. Pictured Lip Sense Sand.

Soooo easy and sooooo pretty!

It’s almost midnight. I’m out. Short and sweet just like this makeup look.


Greek Yogurt Mask

I have been posting story photos about my Greek yogurt mask. When I got mostly yeses (spelling?) on the poll, I knew I have to post it! Let me start by telling you the difference in Greek and regular.

Greek yogurt is strained multiple times to remove liquid whey. This leads to a thicker texture, WAY better for a mask. It also has less sugar and carbs, but more fat and protein.

The benefits of Greek yogurt for the skin go on and on, but my favorite is the removal of dead skin and the anti-aging properties. The lactic acid exfoliates to help remove that nasty dead skin and reveal healthy, glowing skin. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to help with those break outs.

Greek Yogurt and Honey

I use Fage 0% because that’s what I eat, I just buy the big tub. I love greek yogurt with a little bit of honey!

Mix about a tablespoon of greek yogurt with a half a tablespoon of honey. Mix and apply to a CLEAN face. Let is sit for about 15 minutes or so and rinse.

Honey is also antimicrobial and antibacterial, it also brightens dark spots and moisturizes.

Greek Yogurt and Spirulina (blue- green algae)

The mix ratio is about the same. The picture above is this mask. Spirulina is a blue green algea known as a super food with all kinds of skin benefits! Like greek yogurt it can be eaten as well. It fights free radicals, is great to prevent bacterial growth and helps cell turnover.

Both mask also help with puffiness because the yogurt is cold! I promise you will glow. I use it as a before makeup mask!

Until next time…

xo MD

Healthy Snacks

I have been posting a lot regarding beauty and fashion, so I wanted to mix it up. I have been working to eat healthier. I used to be so good before we had our daughter, but then life got real real. Haha! When I am out running around for work it is really hard to eat healthy. However, I have been trying to keep myself close to home when I’m tied to the computer. This keeps me on track!

My first favorite snack is diced sweet potatoes! I simply dice a sweet potato, cover in olive oil and seasoned salt. In a 400 degree oven it take about 20 minutes to get them perfect. I’m not a big fan of just a plain baked sweet potatoes, but for some reason I am in love with these. They store in the fridge well and heat up just fine. Perfect to prep and just throw in the microwave on busy days.

Next is pickles! I read somewhere that eating foods that are fermented food help a lot with skin, mainly because they are good for the gut. Not to mention a whole jar is like 100 calories. Now, I know some people don’t like them, but I have been drinking pickle juice since I was a kid. I never really thought to keep them in the house, but after reading that I figured why not? My favorite are Claussen sandwich slices.

Now, this one may not be the most ideal, but it is so good on the go! Applesauce in a pouch. I buy them for our daughter and one day I didn’t have time to eat, so I threw one in my purse. It saved me at mid-day! Just be mindful of the ones you buy. Since it’s fruit it is high in sugar, however I get a brand only contain apples and cinnamon:-)

My last EATING snack is popcorn! I mean come on? Pop it and go. Again, look at ingredients. I don’t shop by low fat or calories. I try and get everything as “real” as possible.

To close out and get some much needed sleep something I DRINK all the time is actually a good snack for me. Not something that should be lived on or a meal replacement, but can help suppress appetite and get me to my next meal. PLUS it benefits literally everything. It’s Apple Cider Vinegar in water. I know most cringe, but again I like vinegar type things so it works for me. I first really started it when I was pregnant, it helped so much with heartburn. After ready into it it helps with so many things I keep a bottle in the fridge, under my sink in my bathroom (beauty) and one at work. Just 1 teaspoon or 2 in 8 ounces is all you need. The benefits :

Suppress Appetite (YES!)

Lower Blood Sugar

Lower Cholesterol

Improve Blood Pressure

Skin Benefits ( Its like Coconut oil, fixes anything)

Heartburn (YES!)

Bloating (YES YES and YES) Drink when you wake up and bed

Digestion – (Also a YES YES and YES)

Now, I’m not a doctor so the blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure I obviously can’t vouch for, but everything else I can! If I drink it before I go to bed, I wake up feeling amazing! I know it sounds gross, but just try it.


These are a few of my favorite healthy snacks! I am going to get some much needed rest. Until next time!


xo MD





Foundation Picks

I get a lot of questions about what foundations I use…and the answer is depends on the day. I wanted to give you my top THREE picks based on Full, Medium and Light coverage.


Full Coverage – Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless – Color 120

This is the one I get the most compliments on. It is FULL coverage to the max. If you have oily skin this is the foundation you need. I can switch between a 120 and 125 and the best news is its 8 buck! It beats many high brands I have used in the past.





Medium Coverage – It Cosmetics CC Cream – Color Light 

This is a great everyday, throw it on and go foundation. It’s a do it all kind of foundation. Anti-aging, SPF and you can get it in a RADIANCE or a Natural finish. Both are great! I apply with a damp beauty blender, but this could be thrown in your purse and put on with your hands in a rush. Think elevated BB!





Light Coverage – Periconne MD No Foundation Foundation Serum 

THEEEE BEST! My only complaint is it comes in one color, but its pretty universal I would say. On me in the winter it’s a little dark, summer it’s just about perfect. It’s a serum with all types of benefits. (most periconne md products multitask) This with a damp beauty blender, bronzer, highlighter and you have the ultimate no make-up look!





You can’t go wrong with any of these foundation picks!


xo MD



I recently found our house picture when we first bought it and I was in awe of the transformation, so I wanted to share it will all my favorite people…YOU!

We looked at this home FOUR times before we pulled the trigger. Looking at the pictures, you can see why. The home had amazing potential, in a great location and the price couldn’t be passed up.





It’s so unbelievable what new flooring and paint can do for a home! We did have our dinning room set up as an actual dining room, but it was unused space for us. Therefore, it is now a play room!

We enjoyed make this dated home our own!


xo MD

Current Hair Products

As most of us know, washing your hair everyday can be very drying or damaging. Most people opt for ever other day, but I wash my hair only a couple times a week. (usually only once) If you see me with a bun on my head, that means I haven’t washed it in a LOOOOONNNNGGG time.

That being said, when I do wash my hair it’s a bit of a process because it’s usually pretty dirty and I style it for the up coming week. I use all four of these products every time I do my hair, but I rotate out the shampoo.

Shampoo – Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Special

LOVE this shampoo. I originally got it for dandruff, which it does work for, but when I used it for the first time I could feel it working on my scalp. Clarifying all the gunk and refreshing it. I try to use it only on my roots to mid shalt and smooth the excess to the ends. I let it sit for about a minute or two too really do its magic. You can feel it tingle. Once I let it do its magic, I rinse.

Now LATELY I have been putting a small amount of T-Gel on my scalp after I use the PM. (just my scalp). Let that sit for a few minutes and rinse. Since I don’t wash my hair that often, it can actually make my dandruff worse and T-Gel has helped a ton.


Conditioner – Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 

The Holy Grail in my opinion. Pretty straight forward. I put it from mid shaft to ends, let sit and rinse.


Leave-In – It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In

Pictures above is the Keratin formula, I usually just get the original. They both work about the same. This is a staple for both my daughter and I. She has very curly hair and mine is stick straight. After the shower, I spray this all over my hair and comb through with a hair pick.

It helps with thermal protection, de-tangling, conditioning among other things. I always keep this in the house. If you haven’t tried it, ORDER NOW!

Miracle Leave-In Product

Serum – BioSilk Silk Therapy

I like to add a little extra thermal protection, plus some shine! When my hair is still wet, I put this on the mid shaft to ends.  Once I dry my hair, I reapply a small amount before I style. If I want a more slicked back look, I will add this to the roots. It gives you a dry oil feel.


Gel – Joico Firm Hold

The end of the line before I blow dry and style. I apply a quarter size amount mostly on my roots, with bringing the excess to the ends. This helps hold the body in my hair once I blow dry it. This gel is the best I have used. It gives my hair a little texture and also does not flake once dry.


After it’s styled I put it in a loose pony tail on the very top of my head with a scrunchy. This keeps the style while I sleep and keeps the styling products off my facial skin!

xo MD

Jean Picks

If you don’t get the Seinfeld reference in the title you aren’t as cool as you think you are.

To the jeans!

Most of the time you are going to catch me in a pair of leggings and a t-shirt. However I have been trying to channel my inner Kourtney K and rock jeans more often.

I have been ordering and returning and ordering and loving! Here are my top THREE jean picks. For reference on sizing, I’m 5’3″,  120lbs.

GAP – Cone Denim 

Size 25 Regular

Non-stretch mom jeans are my shiz right now. However,  non-stretch denim can be uncomfortable. 99% of my jeans are Gap, so when I saw the Cone Denim line I was so excited. They are 99% cotton, have the 5 botton fly (my favorite) and have plenty of washes to chose from. They give you that Levi look for half the price.

I just order a second pair today!

Fashion Nova — Got it From my Momma

Size 3

THE BEST EVER! They do have stretch, but do not look like it. They are a nice basic jean. You will have to get on their notification list because they sell fast! They look cute with a cropped tee, tucked in sweater or a basic tank!

Beware of Fashion Nova sizing. In the jeans I have always went up to a 3 and they fit great!

PS: all their jeans are great

Abercrombie and Fitch – High-Rise Girlfriend Shorts 

Size 26

I have a girlfriend who swears by AF jeans.  I do not like any type of stitching on the back pockets (I know weird) so I have never order their jeans. That being said, I was on the hunt for a pair of high waisted shorts I could wear anything with and I found them HERE. They are the ANNIE High Rise Girlfriend Shorts, I got Ripped Light wash. They run a little small in my opinion, so I had to go up one size.

These are the prefect short! High waisted to keep everything in and the length is long enough but not too long. I feel like shorts these days are either to your knees or up your butt. The Annie’s are perfect!

Happy shopping!


xo MD


The hardest thing about being a parent (in my opinion) is finding the balance between work and your kids.

Obviously, kids are more important than work. For me, I want to be a hard working mom who can financially provide for my family as well as be there when they need me the most.

There are times when I get so tied up in work and when you really sit down and look at the whole picture. MOST parents spend more time working than at home with their family. It’s a culture that our society has created.

This is one of my biggest struggles. I want to make sure I spend as much quality time as I can with our daughter as I can. Here’s how I do it.

Since my job is not a 9-5, I can make my own schedule or move things around if need be. However, as most know, things happen and sometimes I am needed in other places. So I set a side a day, full day, during the week to spend with her.

Now, I obviously have her a lot, but I work a lot of the time shes with me. So on that one day,  I only take work calls or emails if they are absolutely necessary. I have my phone out to take pictures of us, duh. However I try to limit it.

For her and I this works. There is nothing more important than making her feel wanted. For me, I am on social media, texting, phone calls, emails more hours than I even want to know, but that’s how I provide for my family. Just putting it down for a day is not only a huge relief for me, it’s good for her. We will go to the park, have lunch with Dad or just relax at home.

Just try to remember, life is so short. The next deal will be there, the next pay check will come, but she is only this small for a small amount of time. I remind myself daily, she’s the most important and that keeps me grounded.


xo MD


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