The hardest thing about being a parent (in my opinion) is finding the balance between work and your kids.

Obviously, kids are more important than work. For me, I want to be a hard working mom who can financially provide for my family as well as be there when they need me the most.

There are times when I get so tied up in work and when you really sit down and look at the whole picture. MOST parents spend more time working than at home with their family. It’s a culture that our society has created.

This is one of my biggest struggles. I want to make sure I spend as much quality time as I can with our daughter as I can. Here’s how I do it.

Since my job is not a 9-5, I can make my own schedule or move things around if need be. However, as most know, things happen and sometimes I am needed in other places. So I set a side a day, full day, during the week to spend with her.

Now, I obviously have her a lot, but I work a lot of the time shes with me. So on that one day,  I only take work calls or emails if they are absolutely necessary. I have my phone out to take pictures of us, duh. However I try to limit it.

For her and I this works. There is nothing more important than making her feel wanted. For me, I am on social media, texting, phone calls, emails more hours than I even want to know, but that’s how I provide for my family. Just putting it down for a day is not only a huge relief for me, it’s good for her. We will go to the park, have lunch with Dad or just relax at home.

Just try to remember, life is so short. The next deal will be there, the next pay check will come, but she is only this small for a small amount of time. I remind myself daily, she’s the most important and that keeps me grounded.


xo MD


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