Greek Yogurt Mask

I have been posting story photos about my Greek yogurt mask. When I got mostly yeses (spelling?) on the poll, I knew I have to post it! Let me start by telling you the difference in Greek and regular.

Greek yogurt is strained multiple times to remove liquid whey. This leads to a thicker texture, WAY better for a mask. It also has less sugar and carbs, but more fat and protein.

The benefits of Greek yogurt for the skin go on and on, but my favorite is the removal of dead skin and the anti-aging properties. The lactic acid exfoliates to help remove that nasty dead skin and reveal healthy, glowing skin. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to help with those break outs.

Greek Yogurt and Honey

I use Fage 0% because that’s what I eat, I just buy the big tub. I love greek yogurt with a little bit of honey!

Mix about a tablespoon of greek yogurt with a half a tablespoon of honey. Mix and apply to a CLEAN face. Let is sit for about 15 minutes or so and rinse.

Honey is also antimicrobial and antibacterial, it also brightens dark spots and moisturizes.

Greek Yogurt and Spirulina (blue- green algae)

The mix ratio is about the same. The picture above is this mask. Spirulina is a blue green algea known as a super food with all kinds of skin benefits! Like greek yogurt it can be eaten as well. It fights free radicals, is great to prevent bacterial growth and helps cell turnover.

Both mask also help with puffiness because the yogurt is cold! I promise you will glow. I use it as a before makeup mask!

Until next time…

xo MD

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