Long Hair – We all Care

Many have asked how I’ve grown my pixie to long, noon length hair (as I call it) it’s simple.

Step 1 – Don’t wash you hair. No seriously. I wash my hair twice a week, on a good week. Once on a regular, mom, wife, realtor, 50 phone calls a day week. Let your hair be. A lot of people say, “my hair is greasy, I can’t do that.”. It takes time to get used too. Your body gives off natural oils that are good for you! This goes for your scalp.

Step 2- Good Products! I use 3 minute miracle by Aussie as condition, no matter what shampoo I am using. It’s inexpensive and so good! Mid shaft to ends ONLY! Also, get good shampoo. If you don’t spend a lot on condition, splurge on good shampoo. Since I only wash 1-2 times a week I use a good shampoo (Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, personal favorite). It’s good for my scalp and gets all the nasty out!

Step 3 – It’s a 10 Leave In Conditioner. Don’t ask questions, just buy it and use it.

Step 4 – VITAMINS! Lately, well the last 9 months, I have been on prenatals, because we have been trying to get pregnant. However before that I just take a multivitamin each day. If you want an extra boost, take Biotin.

Step 5 and LAST! – Get REGULAR trims. If you have a good stylist they will give you a trim, not a chop. I have heard so many say, “I’m not going to my hair dresser, she always cuts too much.”. Well they are either scissor happy or your hair is that dead that it had to go! I go about every 4-6ish months and she usually takes about an inch off. Keep your hair healthy so it can grow RIGHT!

Growing your hair is really easy! Just follow these steps and be patient!

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