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I have been posting a lot regarding beauty and fashion, so I wanted to mix it up. I have been working to eat healthier. I used to be so good before we had our daughter, but then life got real real. Haha! When I am out running around for work it is really hard to eat healthy. However, I have been trying to keep myself close to home when I’m tied to the computer. This keeps me on track!

My first favorite snack is diced sweet potatoes! I simply dice a sweet potato, cover in olive oil and seasoned salt. In a 400 degree oven it take about 20 minutes to get them perfect. I’m not a big fan of just a plain baked sweet potatoes, but for some reason I am in love with these. They store in the fridge well and heat up just fine. Perfect to prep and just throw in the microwave on busy days.

Next is pickles! I read somewhere that eating foods that are fermented food help a lot with skin, mainly because they are good for the gut. Not to mention a whole jar is like 100 calories. Now, I know some people don’t like them, but I have been drinking pickle juice since I was a kid. I never really thought to keep them in the house, but after reading that I figured why not? My favorite are Claussen sandwich slices.

Now, this one may not be the most ideal, but it is so good on the go! Applesauce in a pouch. I buy them for our daughter and one day I didn’t have time to eat, so I threw one in my purse. It saved me at mid-day! Just be mindful of the ones you buy. Since it’s fruit it is high in sugar, however I get a brand only contain apples and cinnamon:-)

My last EATING snack is popcorn! I mean come on? Pop it and go. Again, look at ingredients. I don’t shop by low fat or calories. I try and get everything as “real” as possible.

To close out and get some much needed sleep something I DRINK all the time is actually a good snack for me. Not something that should be lived on or a meal replacement, but can help suppress appetite and get me to my next meal. PLUS it benefits literally everything. It’s Apple Cider Vinegar in water. I know most cringe, but again I like vinegar type things so it works for me. I first really started it when I was pregnant, it helped so much with heartburn. After ready into it it helps with so many things I keep a bottle in the fridge, under my sink in my bathroom (beauty) and one at work. Just 1 teaspoon or 2 in 8 ounces is all you need. The benefits :

Suppress Appetite (YES!)

Lower Blood Sugar

Lower Cholesterol

Improve Blood Pressure

Skin Benefits ( Its like Coconut oil, fixes anything)

Heartburn (YES!)

Bloating (YES YES and YES) Drink when you wake up and bed

Digestion – (Also a YES YES and YES)

Now, I’m not a doctor so the blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure I obviously can’t vouch for, but everything else I can! If I drink it before I go to bed, I wake up feeling amazing! I know it sounds gross, but just try it.


These are a few of my favorite healthy snacks! I am going to get some much needed rest. Until next time!


xo MD





My Workout

I was asked to post my workout, but I can’t take credit for the creation of it. A friend of my husband’s gets me the workouts. Sometimes I follow it workout for workout, other times I modify it.

Lately, I have been really pushing myself on leg day and chest day. Leg day is obvious, but since I had our daughter, gravity is not on my side and I do not have the ‘chest’ I used too. These workouts are tailored for women, so sometimes the chest workout isn’t as intense as I want it to be. It’s all about what you are looking to accomplish.

This weeks work out:


1) 3 sets 15 pushups

2) 4 sets inclined bench dumbbell press 15 reps

3) Inclined bench dumbbell flies 4 sets 12 reps

4) Tricep pushdowns 4 sets 15 reps

5) Rope curls 3 sets 15 reps

6) 4 sets 15 reps chair dips


1) 5×15 leg extensions

2) 10×10 barbell squats

3) 5×15 reverse facing hack squats

4) Hip thrusts with bar on lap 4×10

5) Stiff legged deadlifts 4×8


1) Row machine 200 meters

2) Wide grip pull-downs 3×15

3) Wide grip seated rows 3×15

4) Single armed dumbbell rows 4×12 each arm

5) 5×20 decline bench sit-ups


1) Lateral raise machine 4 sets 16 reps

2) Dumbbell shoulder press 4 sets 16 reps

3) Chest on inclined bench rear delt dumbbell flies 3×15

4) Seated calf raise 5 sets 15 reps


1) Straight bar bicep curl 3×15

2) Rope curl 3×15

3) Inclined bench skull crushers 3×15

4) Single armed rope kickbacks 3×15 each arm

5) Tight grip preacher curls 3×15

6) 2000 meters on row machine


1) 4×15 leg extensions with 20 standing bodyweight squats in between

2) 2 warm-up sets of squats 12 reps, 2 sets 10 reps, then one set of 50 reps

3) Leg curls 4×15

4) High box jumps 4×15

5) Standing calf raise 4×15

For abs I use the Alexa Jean Sore to the Core AB challenge. I did not do the 30 days,  probably why I don’t have abs, I just use parts of it here and there. You can get it here:

As a discloser, I am not a healthcare professional nor a personal trainer. It’s always recommended to consult a doctor before starting any diet or exercise regimen.

The human body is a miraculous thing, just when you think you can’t push further, you do. Never give up and be the example.

xo MD

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